Spoonful of Sugar: Integrating Sex Ed Into Erotica

Presenters: Joe Filippone & Stina French

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Saturday 10:30 – 10:45 AM

Sturm Hall 186

Program Description

Joe Filippone and Stina French will discuss how erotica can serve as a powerful tool for inclusive and informative sex education, challenging conventional norms and promoting a deeper understanding of diverse experiences. Erotica can normalize sexual exploration and illuminate topics such as pregnancy and STI prevention, kink shaming, and pronoun usage. We will present examples from the newly released erotica anthology, Listen To Your Skin: An Anthology of Queer & Self Love. Selections will include compelling narratives that span the gender and sexual-orientation spectrums, offering truly unique–and educational!–sex scenes.

Presenter Bios

Joe Filippone is a multi award winning author, voice actor, actor and director who has used his erotica to help educate readers on not being ashamed of exploring and experimenting with various kinks or fetishes or even same sex relationships. A pro sex worker advocate Joe has appeared in Hustler Magazine and in numerous non sex/non nudity roles in adult films and even testified in front of CAL OSHA to fight laws that would endanger sex workers.

Stina French (ex-college professor, author/editor, sex educator, and proud kinkster), has 20+ years of experience in creating and fostering safe spaces in both college and kink environments. She is the owner of the publishing house Listen to Your Skin and a co-owner of the Sexploratorium.