Sex Ed Squad: Why Teens Teaching Teens Is the Real Deal!

Presenter: Carlee Taga/Peer Counselor

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Saturday 3:30-4:45PM

Sturm Hall 186

Program Description

We’re the AUL Denver Peer Educators and we wanna tell you about our experiences! In our session, we’re going to share some of our stories and let you in on why it’s way cooler when it’s your own peers giving you the lowdown on sex, relationships, sexuality, birth control, consent, and other stuff.

Think about it – who gets the teen struggle better than us? Our chat is all about how talking to someone our age about relationships, consent, and all the cringy stuff makes learning about it way less awkward and way more legit. We’ll spill some wild, funny stories about what goes down when your pals are your sex ed guides.

No snooze fest here – we’re all about making it easy for everyone to open up about the real deal. Get ready for some killer tips on starting your own peer education gigs at school because believe us, when teens teach teens, it’s a total game-changer. Our teacher will also be there to talk about how our peer education group has changed the overall culture of our school building. We’re kind of a big deal! So, if you’re down for some laughs, wild stories, and finding out why peer education rules, join us for a chat that’s gonna make sex ed way less cringe and way more epic!

Presenter Bio

The AUL Peer Educators were founded in 2021 by health and science educator Carlee Taga. In all, about 50 students have been trained as peer educators since the program began. They discuss topics with peers including: sex, relationships, body image, sexuality, LGBTQIA+ issues, birth control, consent, and more! You can see our annual culminating project, named the Pleasure ArtShop.