Sex and Psychedelics 101: Pleasure Research and Healing

Presenter: Bria Tavakoli

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Saturday 2:00-3:15PM

Sturm Hall 134

Program Description

Let’s journey into the exciting world where psychedelics and sexual experiences collide. We’re not just talking about a surface-level exploration – we’re diving deep into how this fusion can seriously shake things up in the realms of pleasure and healing in human sexuality.

As society warms up to alternative therapies, this conversation-starting presentation will unpack the intricate dance between psychedelics and the nuanced landscapes of sexual pleasure and healing. We kick things off with a nod to the history of psychedelics and their modern resurgence in therapeutic circles. From there, we’ll touch on the neurobiology and psychology that weave these substances into the fabric of our intimate experiences. Think of them as enhancers, turning up the volume on sensation, amping up arousal, and helping us forge a stronger connection with our bodies and desires.

But it’s not just about the thrill of the ride – we’re getting serious about how psychedelics can shake up societal norms, challenge cultural conditioning, and break down personal inhibitions when it comes to sexuality. We’ll explore the healing stuff, including potential therapeutic benefits. We’re pulling in insights from the latest research and real-life stories to explore how psychedelics might just be the secret sauce for addressing sexual dysfunctions, trauma, sexual shame, disembodiment, and relationship bumps. Picture emotional release, self-compassion, and improved communication between partners and within your own relationship with YOU. Psychedelics might just be the key to unlocking it all.

Of course, we’re not forgetting the real-world stuff. We’ll look at preparation, integration, ethical considerations, harm reduction strategies, plus considerations for working with professional guidance in the world of psychedelics and sexual exploration.

This presentation will spark dialogue among researchers, therapists, and anyone curious about the potential magic when psychedelics and human sexuality interweave. So buckle up, because we’re navigating this uncharted terrain responsibly so we can deepen our understanding of how psychedelics might just be the missing piece in the puzzle of human sexuality. Let’s dive in!

Presenter Bio

Bria Tavakoli (she/her/hers) is a sex therapist, intimacy coach, and veteran yoga and meditation teacher. She offers psychedelic preparation and integration to clients. Her work interweaves her experience as a journalist (MS, Columbia University), current studies in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program she’s almost done with (Adams State University, master’s, May 2024). Bria has worked and studied with Psychedelics Today, attended the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver in 2023, and has ample lived experience with the healing and revealing psychedelic journeys can offer, both in the sexual arena and in other areas of life. In another era of her life, she served as an editor at Yoga Journal, and has contributed to publications like Prevention, Elle, and Shape. She has forever fascinations with the cosmos, human relationships, and cats. Bria will begin work on her doctorate in the near(ish) future. Some of her clients semi-jokingly refer to her as the “Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll therapist” because yes, in addition to all of the psychedelic and sex stuff, she fronted a rock back in the day. Find her on social media @ briatavakoli.