Reclamation of Black Pleasure Through Kink & TICK

Presenter: Ginger Desire

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Saturday 2:00-3:15PM

Sturm Hall 151

Program Description

This presentation will introduce Trauma Informed Consensual Kink (TICK) as it relates to black pleasure. Specifically in Kink/BDSM practices that can act as a catalyst for healing bodily stored trauma. We will walk through the origin of TICK and the significance of its inception. Honoring the Founder of Center for Body Autonomy Candace “Coach Felyne” Liger who coined the consent framework of TICK. We will also talk about the evolution of consent frameworks. What the previous consent models purposes are, where they lack and the opportunities a Trauma Informed Care model can provide. We will also introduce SPACE (Safety, Pleasure, Awareness, Communication & Empathy). A model designed to provide insight on how to get to the pleasure after becoming conscious and aware of trauma. “Being trauma-informed requires us to give af.” We will cover a few tangible ways to apply Accountability in SPACE and “who” we are being accountable to. Furthermore, we will highlight the accountability discomforts referred to as the 6 F’s of Trauma.


This presentation is not meant to introduce Kink or BDSM as a therapy but rather bring light to your play with a black or brown body. TICK considers black folx are more likely to have experienced trauma at some point in their lives and provide space to offer genuine care. I will also depcit my personal connection to reclamation within Kink and BDSM; In efforts to provide perspective of what its like to receive pleasure as a black femme. It’s important to note that there are varying degrees and layers of blackness. One personal account of a black femme is not a sufficient for diversity and representation within sex education.

Presenter Bio

Ginger is an Afro Latina Houston, Texas native currently living in Denver, Colorado with her Bambino Sphynx cat named Osiris. With a background in sex work and Mature Art creation, she aims to add an artistic flare to kink education. As a Kink & BDSM Student Teacher she has a passion for bringing education that centers black pleasure. A core value of Ginger’s work is to help expand and widen kinksters’ perception of power exchange, honorific roles and intentions in play. She hopes to help her students feel empowered to pursue self discovery through kink—without the confines of how they ‘should’ play.