Intersex Variations: Understanding the Biology of Gender

Presenter: Fawn O'Breitzman

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Saturday 9:00-10:15AM

Sturm Hall 151

Program Description

What biological process makes us male, female, cis, trans, or intersex? Participants will delve into the biology of the differentiation of human sex and gender development, all while gaining a nuanced perspective on the diverse ways individuals experience and express their gender. Through open discussions and detailed facts, attendees will leave equipped with the awareness and skills to engage in thoughtful conversations about gender, ultimately fostering an environment where everyone’s unique journey is respected and celebrated. Intersex variations will be discussed at length to help us understand the biology at work that feminizes or masculinizes parts of the body and the brain.

You will receive a copy of the “Biology Bear” informational handout.

Presenter Bio

Fawn has been a college psychology professor for over 20 years. She specializes in sex and gender and goes to conferences all over the world to present on numerous topics, including resilience in gender transition and the biology of gender. She is one of the owners of the Sexploratorium, an adult sex education center and believes all people have the right to accurate and comprehensive sexual education. She is Canadian and has two adopted children and a wife of almost 25 years who she met while producing the PBS show Colorado Outspoken.