How to Help People Enjoy Sex After Sex Assault

Presenter: Eric Attard

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Saturday 3:30-4:45PM

Sturm Hall 151

Program Description

What’s “normal” after a sexual assault? How does someone, anyone, cope after an assault, or a history of assault? What can someone do to take back their power, and hopefully, maybe, enjoy sex again? Is that even a possibility? How can we, as providers help?

This is an excellent class for those in the mental health field to get Continuing Education Credits and to learn watlys to help their clients! Taught by a compassionate and experienced therapist as well as a long-time college-level sex educator, this course is designed to help empower providers and educators to support survivors and help them navigate the path towards a healthier and more satisfying relationship with their bodies, minds, and partners. Learn paths to helping your patients move along their journey of healing, helping them learn to express, and enjoy, love.

  • Learn how one might heal from the trauma of sexual assault and take control of their own narrative.
  • Explore ideas about understanding and expressing desires, boundaries, and rediscover the beauty of self-love.
  • Building Healthy Relationships: Gain insights into building trust, communication, and intimacy with partners

Presenter Bio

Rev. Eric Austin Attard, LPC, MFT, PsyD

Dr. Attard is a licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado Springs, CO. Dr. Attard believes counseling is about walking next to his clients on their own paths of life’s journey, observing, offering insights, and making suggestions for ways to move through, around, as well as to sit with our obstacles. Dr. Eric Attard has been in practice since 2012. As a practicing clinician he has worked in both private practice, and with several organizations in the Colorado Springs area. Dr. Attard has spent time working in integrative medicine at Primary Care clinics as a Behavioral Health Provider. He has also worked as a counselor at a private liberal arts college since 2017, specializing with the LGBTIQ+ student population. Currently, outside of lectures, he spends the majority of his clinical time operating out of a Drop-In center for unhoused youth ages 15 to 25, engaging in counseling services through Street Outreach and Open Office Hours, meeting his patients where they are at.

Professionally, Dr. Attard has strong community connections through his work with community service organizations focusing on such topics as:

  • LGBTIQ+ Adults and Youth
  • Homelessness
  • Human Trafficking
  • Community Choral Music

Dr. Attard holds the following degrees in higher education:

  • Doctor of Psychology (2018) from the University of the Rockies
  • Master of Arts in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy (2012) from the University of the Rockies
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2007) from Western Michigan University