Exploring Female Rape Fantasies

Presenter: Marissa Zumbo

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Saturday 10:30-11:45AM

Sturm Hall 187

Program Description

This presentation delves into the intricate realm of female rape fantasies, a psychological phenomenon that has intrigued and puzzled researchers. The context for understanding these fantasies is established through current research, revealing that a significant percentage of women engage in rape fantasies, with varying degrees of frequency and preference.

The content of rape fantasies spans a continuum, from more erotic scenarios involving attractive, dominant males to aversive fantasies with threatening, often unattractive, perpetrators. This exploration seeks to move beyond simplistic models of wish fulfillment, challenging the assumption that these fantasies indicate a desire for real-life rape.

Several major theories of rape fantasies are examined, ranging from psychosocial explanations to biological predisposition and sympathetic physiological activation. Theories are assessed for their strengths and limitations, paving the way for an integrated understanding of the variable potential factors contributing to these fantasies.

The presentation also tries to factor in demographic characteristics that may not have been fully considered by past researchers, including age, ethnicity, gender, culture, and sexual orientation. It advocates for a nuanced approach in understanding variations in content and context, embracing cultural and biological influences. By unraveling the enigma of female rape fantasies, this presentation aims to foster a more comprehensive and empathetic understanding of female sexuality.

Presenter Bio

Marissa Zumbo (she/they), based in Denver and Los Angeles, is a certified sex educator, weaving storytelling, education, and advocacy into their diverse projects. As a queer and genderfluid individual, Marissa explores themes of relationships, sex, love, and mental health in pilots, features, shorts, novels, and more. Dedicated to creating safe spaces, their work in sex education and entertainment empowers individuals on their self-discovery journey. Beyond their professional pursuits, Marissa volunteers with the LGBTQ nonprofit Trevor Project, enjoying hobbies like hiking, reading, watching TV, playing board games, and tackling escape rooms.